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Enrollment for Organizations
Build intellectual capital with minimum investment
Smart employees are smart business. So take advantage of Qatar National e-Learning Portal online courses to bring your staff up to speed in pivotal areas of information technology and business. Strengthen and broaden the skills of your workforce, fill gaps in competency and locate and promote leaders, all while meeting broad training goals with individual solutions. Knowledge is power — for your employees and your organization.
The Qatar National e-Learning Portal, with its enterprise learning management system, will enable organizations to manage delivery of their employee training effectively by providing an extensive catalogue of business and information technology courses to their learners. This learning management system helps organizations develop a personalized learning plan for each employee, and provides training reports to learners and employers. Training, coaching and support become easier and better managed across the organization.

Our mission is to help organizations meet broad training goals with individual solutions by providing learning and performance support that connects corporate strategy and individuals. Qatar National e-Learning Portal’s solutions are designed to support all levels of the organization and can easily be adapted to meet strategic business initiatives, on-demand information needs and individual job roles.
Benefits for organizations
  Maximize business performance by connecting corporate strategy and individuals
  Reduce the overall cost of training significantly
  Manage your learners through a customized learner management system
  Give your employees flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime — without disrupting business continuity
  Offer in-depth content with a catalogue of 2,500 courses covering fundamental business and advanced IT competencies
  Reduce stress and increase employee satisfaction via a self-pacing system
  Build a scalable solution for
Enroll Your Organization in the Qatar National e-Learning Portal NOW Simply contact us at to request an initiation meeting for your organization with ictQATAR.
Knowledge is power — for your employees and your organization
  “Our business accelerated efforts to adopt technology and our employees took classes through the Qatar National e-Learning Portal. As a result, we were able to expand markets and engage new partners in promising opportunities. Not only did our value increase, but we are doing our share to help Qatar compete in the global economy.”
Ahmed Salaheldin Refaat
Senior Project Coordinator, Qatar Islamic Bank